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Shelly Rice has been putting on business mixer events for 21 years. I attended Chocolate, Blues and Business when it was last in Dallas.  What a swinging event!  Now it’s coming back and I’m a vendor and leading discussion groups about business growth through excellent market definitions and planning.

It may not be the 43,000 people who attended Oracle OpenWorld last year but the thousand plus that will be roaming the Plano Convention Center with me on August 3rd will be looking for how they can grow their businesses through networking, strategic alliances and cost-reducing suppliers – all while eating chocolate and listening to the Blues!  How fun is THAT!

Yes, you can expect some blogging about this fun and fabulous event.


HI!  I’m Jean McClelland and I’ll be attending Oracle’s OpenWorld in San Francisco from October 11-15.  GRT Business Solutions (a JD Edwards consultancy) and Praxis have teamed up to provide you with a Praxis Conference Report!  The Report will be available on the GRT Business Solutions’ website the week of October 19th.  Their website link is also to the right.

Meet us at Oracle OpenWorld!  Send me a direct message through Twitter @PraxisReports!  Let’s talk!  I’d love to know your opinion about OpenWorld.  Good?  Better than previous years?  How does it compare to the End User / Customer2Customer basis of Collaborate?  (Collaborate 10 will be in Las Vegas and will again be hosted by Quest, OAUG, IOUG.)