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I know.  I know… strange reaction in these days but OpenWorld is Open, Connected and I’m ready to “Integrate” with the 35,000 other attendees.  Charles Phillips will fill us in on the major messages in about 15 minutes.  I’m sitting in the Press Briefing and have about 200 colleagues right here – from all over the world.  It’s just so cool to be a member of such a large body of people all interested in what this company is doing and how it affects them.  We ARE all connected.  OK… too esoteric for techies?  NO!  Remember that business, especially technology is always about the people.  We ARE the people.  Be Open.  Connect and Integrate!

Here we go!  The first Keynote is about to begin.  Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy.  It HAS to be good.  There’s a live stream available from; therefore I’m sure that it will be recorded and available.  Ahhh… as the loud music softens and the lights dim… Let’s do it!  My favorite message so far:  Desperation creates cost cutting.  Innovation creates cost savings.  The words are fabulous.  Now let’s take the actions to make them real!  More soon.  Keep tuned!

Oracle is doing such a great job adding in the Social Networking aspect.  Check out the live stream here.  (I know… well DUH!)  Remember John Chambers’ OOW keynote in 2006?  (If not read the Praxis Report about it.)  His predictions are happening. I’m here, I’m registered and I’ll be updating you regularly.  Follow me for the lowdown on how people are enjoying the conference and what they are learning.  CONTRIBUTE to the discussion!  Do you agree?  Disagree?  Please know, though, I insist on civility.  Thanks!

It’s Saturday!  The day I leave to join colleagues in San Francisco to attend Oracle’s OpenWorld.  Are you interested in what is going on from an attendee’s perspective?  If so, follow me!  I’ll be blogging my way through the conference and producing a report for all.  GRT Business Solutions and Praxis are sponsoring the report as part of our knowledge sharing and networking business philosophies.  Enjoy!


HI!  I’m Jean McClelland and I’ll be attending Oracle’s OpenWorld in San Francisco from October 11-15.  GRT Business Solutions (a JD Edwards consultancy) and Praxis have teamed up to provide you with a Praxis Conference Report!  The Report will be available on the GRT Business Solutions’ website the week of October 19th.  Their website link is also to the right.

Meet us at Oracle OpenWorld!  Send me a direct message through Twitter @PraxisReports!  Let’s talk!  I’d love to know your opinion about OpenWorld.  Good?  Better than previous years?  How does it compare to the End User / Customer2Customer basis of Collaborate?  (Collaborate 10 will be in Las Vegas and will again be hosted by Quest, OAUG, IOUG.)