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HI there!  Long time, no post.  I know.  I’ve been to a few interesting conferences – one on neuroscience and a few on self-knowledge and improvement.  I’ve also been on a long-term assignment that has kept me local to Dallas.  Being able to drive to work vs. fly has been a real gift since I traveled 100% for over 20 years.  WOW!  Sleep in my own home!  What a concept!

I’ve liked it so much I’m turning a new page in my humble career path.  I’m looking for a job!  If you have followed me at all, you know I’m a great analyst of many types – financial, marketing, business in general.  I suck in disparate information and digest it into something that others can follow to their definition of success.

Speaking of success, I’m about to offer a course on it!


This will be a combination e-course that everyone can participate in along with Skype calls, conference calls and, if you are local to Dallas, some personal gatherings.  The first gathering will be THURSDAY, June 16th at 6pm.

The Fillmore Room at Unity of Dallas
6525 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

Here’s a general description of the beginning of the 28 day e-course:

Let go of the past and succeed at your next big thing!

What’s your next big thing? Better health?  Lose a few pounds? Find a new job?  Fast forward to your natural
success using a structured method and group support to live a life you love.

You can!
You will!
You know how to do what you want to do. Why aren’t you already doing it?


The fastest way to success is maintaining a consistent success mindset. That may also be your biggest challenge! When you achieve a consistent level of thinking and feeling successful, your actions will flow, contacts will be made and your optimal life will be yours.  Join this gathering to fast forward your life with the knowledge and support you need to maintain your success mindset until success is your new habit.


The group will meet four times in person and receive support every day for 28 days through email, conference calls and/or other means.  Participate as much as you are able or desire.

Come to the first class and decide whether this method is a good one for you.  The method draws on Universal laws, personal experiences, scientific research, and your individual insights reached through guided meditation.

It will be fun and fast!

I hope you can join me either in person on the Net!  Go to for additional information and to sign up for the e-course.

Drupal!  Who knew?  After learning Joomla and WordPress to a decently functional level, now I am charged with creating a Drupal website – and a big one, at that.  OK… yes, the geek in me says FUN!  The business side of me says… can I learn this one (CMS) faster?  Probably not as fast as I would like but it looks like it’s going to pretty fast.

Drupal 7 sounds like it will be a lot more user friendly than the current version.  In this case user means both developer and end user.

One of the most interesting points made in Jay Batson’s presentation was that Drupal is gaining traction in the large business areas due to its scalability.  Add to that information, the info from Tom McCracken about the speed of Drupal sites with the use of a couple of SEO and performance modules.  The combination of the information shows how strong the Drupal offering has already become and is continues to grow.

As many of my readers know, I’ve been on the leading edge of many trends.  Sometimes I’ve often been on the bleeding edge (the one where people are making markets and trying new stuff). Drupal is going to be big, big, bigger in the business realms than WordPress or Joomla.  Mark my blog! (…newer than “mark my word.”)

Hi there… long time, no post.  I know.  I’ve just arrived at, aka Open Camp!  This conference will concentrate on using CMS software – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.  How fun!  It’s taking place in Addison, TX this weekend.

I might not be able to attend Oracle’s OpenWorld this year!  I’m still trying to work it all out with a new project I’m on but stay tuned.  Meanwhile, enjoy new knowledge about opensource CMS software. You know we will all end up using it somewhere, sometime!  I’m about to begin using Drupal for a church website!

Shelly Rice has been putting on business mixer events for 21 years. I attended Chocolate, Blues and Business when it was last in Dallas.  What a swinging event!  Now it’s coming back and I’m a vendor and leading discussion groups about business growth through excellent market definitions and planning.

It may not be the 43,000 people who attended Oracle OpenWorld last year but the thousand plus that will be roaming the Plano Convention Center with me on August 3rd will be looking for how they can grow their businesses through networking, strategic alliances and cost-reducing suppliers – all while eating chocolate and listening to the Blues!  How fun is THAT!

Yes, you can expect some blogging about this fun and fabulous event.


HI!  I’m Jean McClelland and I’ll be attending Oracle’s OpenWorld in San Francisco from October 11-15.  GRT Business Solutions (a JD Edwards consultancy) and Praxis have teamed up to provide you with a Praxis Conference Report!  The Report will be available on the GRT Business Solutions’ website the week of October 19th.  Their website link is also to the right.

Meet us at Oracle OpenWorld!  Send me a direct message through Twitter @PraxisReports!  Let’s talk!  I’d love to know your opinion about OpenWorld.  Good?  Better than previous years?  How does it compare to the End User / Customer2Customer basis of Collaborate?  (Collaborate 10 will be in Las Vegas and will again be hosted by Quest, OAUG, IOUG.)