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Drupal!  Who knew?  After learning Joomla and WordPress to a decently functional level, now I am charged with creating a Drupal website – and a big one, at that.  OK… yes, the geek in me says FUN!  The business side of me says… can I learn this one (CMS) faster?  Probably not as fast as I would like but it looks like it’s going to pretty fast.

Drupal 7 sounds like it will be a lot more user friendly than the current version.  In this case user means both developer and end user.

One of the most interesting points made in Jay Batson’s presentation was that Drupal is gaining traction in the large business areas due to its scalability.  Add to that information, the info from Tom McCracken about the speed of Drupal sites with the use of a couple of SEO and performance modules.  The combination of the information shows how strong the Drupal offering has already become and is continues to grow.

As many of my readers know, I’ve been on the leading edge of many trends.  Sometimes I’ve often been on the bleeding edge (the one where people are making markets and trying new stuff). Drupal is going to be big, big, bigger in the business realms than WordPress or Joomla.  Mark my blog! (…newer than “mark my word.”)

Hi there… long time, no post.  I know.  I’ve just arrived at, aka Open Camp!  This conference will concentrate on using CMS software – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.  How fun!  It’s taking place in Addison, TX this weekend.

I might not be able to attend Oracle’s OpenWorld this year!  I’m still trying to work it all out with a new project I’m on but stay tuned.  Meanwhile, enjoy new knowledge about opensource CMS software. You know we will all end up using it somewhere, sometime!  I’m about to begin using Drupal for a church website!