Geez… it was the proverbial prepare, prepare, prepare and then ZIP!  it’s here and gone!  It’s like I’m having withdrawal symptoms from all the camaraderie and the information overload.

True, I’m a conference aficionado which is why I created Praxis Reports as part of my consulting practice.  Praxis Reports shares the great (and the not-so-great) experiences of going to these large conferences where so much knowledge is shared.  However, let’s remember that the knowledge is great to share but how you apply the knowledge to your business is where the rubber meets the road.  Let’s get busy and bring this economy back online by applying the knowledge we gathered to our businesses advantage!

Back to the conference experience… Where else but a conference can you see to the former movie star turned governor  like Arnold Schwarzenegger and, on the same stage, listen to James Gosling – the father of Java!  Then, follow those experiences by participating in educational sessions all leading to ending the experience with a party including legendary rock bands like Aerosmith and Three Dog Night! Whew!

A conference is ALWAYS an experience.  A Praxis Report about a conference is intended to provide those that were not able to attend with a flavor of what it was like so that they can decide whether or not to make the commitment and the investment to attend the next year.  A Praxis Report also provides those that were in attendance with some information they may have missed.  You don’t even have to pay for the OOW09  Praxis Report because it was sponsored by a great JD Edwards consultancy – GRT Business Solutions!  GRT Business Solutions is into the knowledge sharing and networking philosophies that I personally hold as a services professional.  Thank you, GRT!

I already know what my recommendation for Oracle OpenWorld will be for 2010 – attend!  For me, OOW seemed much, much smaller this year.  That can be a good thing for some people.  Even with its smaller size this year, some people told me they felt overwhelmed with 1900 educational sessions to choose from and (per Oracle) 37,000 attendees.

The Social Media networking, the live video streaming and the twittering were lots of fun but they just cannot replace the face to face meetings, the feeling of the mass of people all in the same room anticipating one of the keynotes or the lively discussions about what should be / could be the next Oracle investment.

If you want more information about what it was like from the people I talked to, what was said about JD Edwards and Primavera, read the upcoming Praxis Report.  It will be available on GRT Business Solutions website sometime this coming week (approximately Oct 21, 2009) and on the Praxis Reports website around the same time.  Let’s all thank GRT Business Solutions for another opportunity to share knowledge and expertise on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, World and, now, Primavera! 

There was so much to Oracle OpenWorld that there will be no way to cover it all in one ~20 page report.  A lot of the information is still playing on Oracle OpenWorld Live, You Tube and other social media networks.  Have fun with all of it and enjoy your knowledge gathering!  Now, I’ve got to go write the report!  Talk to you all later!